10 Reasons Business Need Mobile App

Kenapa Bisnis Anda Perlu Aplikasi Mobile


  1. Mobile devices now exceed the number of people on Earth!
  2. We are now highly dependent on our mobile, more than anything else.
  3. We spend more time browsing our phones more than any other activity.
  4. Mobile Apps allow your brand to be exposed to the world in appstore and playstore for brand awareness.
  5. Mobile Apps have become the new way of Communication and Interaction with customers. Hence your business should also provide that before your competitor does.
  6. Mobile Apps allow your brand to stay in your customer mind (mind share) whenever he/she checks the phone and reminding them to check on your offers too!
  7. With a loyalty program in hand, mobile apps can help you gain customer loyalty, more frequent transactions and more sales for your business.
  8. Mobile Apps enable capturing of customer database that is valuable for business decisions.
  9. Mobile Apps enable capturing of customer transactions for monitoring, control, analysis to provide better products or services to customers.
  10. Mobile Apps allow you to rewards customers with ease. No more forgetting to bring cards.

Mobile apps have become a major platform for the acquisition of users and driving deep engagements from loyal customers. But most importantly, your business can’t afford to ignore and lose those customers after they download your app.

80% of mobile apps are used only once and then straight away abandoned. Why is that? Consumers do not want one-way advertising. They look services in the form of valuable, instant and meaningful.

Simply launching a mobile app won’t give you a competitive edge. That is why you need the CCI REWARDS mobile app for your business. The app that is yours with added benefits from CCI REWARDS. With so many special offers , free movie , free meals , birthmonth offers and discounts from CCI Merchants , your customers will appreciate the value that you have given them apart from your standard offer. You customers will keep your app in their phone and keep using it, constantly reminding them of your brand and build customer loyalty. Learn more about how our mobile app can help your business grow.